How to Start an Airsoft Team

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So you want to begin your very own Airsoft team? It’s not as easy as it seems. Sure you can gather a group of players, explain some rules, and name the team whatever you choose but they will not be nowhere near the best team without research, practice, and above all knowledge of the game and how it’s played.


Researching is the major key of creating an Airsoft team. You as the captain of the team must learn the formations correctly to infiltrate the opposing team’s grounds or hide outs. Hand gestures such as go, stop, covering fire, enemy near, and other tactical gestures should also be learned. Military tactics are also helpful when researching for an Airsoft team. Things such as flanking or coming up behind the enemy can be beneficial when planning an attack.


Creating the team is also a very important key, because without them the team doesn’t exist. Choosing members to play on your team can become difficult. It’s not always smart to have all of your friends on a team especially if they have no prior knowledge of Airsoft rules or guns. When considering who to have on your team, make a list of all of the positions starting with the top – the captain, and leading to the bottom rank – private. Also, consider creating a patch for the team members that will be visible on their Airsoft clothing. Code names are also a great addition to the team as Eagle Eye could be your team’s sniper and Snake your sneaker.


Educating your team on the rules and regulations of how to play a proper game of Airsoft is vital to your team’s success. Even though you have researched all of the knowledge it takes to win, your team needs to be educated in the knowledge you have. You can create a manual for your team members with your team symbol on the cover and they can have a personal copy to look through on lazy days at home.


As the old saying goes, “Practice makes perfect.” It’s impossible to achieve perfection, however, it’s not impossible to become very close to it. Practicing with your team on a regular scheduled basis will create room for improvement and also knowledge of how the team will function when the real battle begins.


Once you have your team, named it, practiced, and educated them on the behavior and rules of the game, it’s time to enroll. Enrolling your team in a local tournament might not be the best idea if they’ve never participated in an event against another team. Finding local teams that they can practice against in mini-tournaments is ideal before enrolling them in the major Airsoft tournaments. Even though it’s great to win, win or lose the main mission of playing is to have some safe and entertaining fun.

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