Airsoft Courtesy

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Airsoft is a game that has taken the United States by storm and replaced many of the other military like simulated sports such as paintball. The guns used are similar to real fire arms but they are required to have orange tips on them or else the owner could be fined significantly. Across the United States Airsoft teams are sprouting up and more playing fields are coming available.

Even though the guns used are not real firearms there is still room for injury if not used correctly. Having common courtesy on the playing field can be the difference between having several players eager to play and be shot versus having several players quit the game or stop playing altogether.

Common courtesy tips may include:

Fair Play – Following the rules is one of the best ways to show your honor and courtesy in an Airsoft Game. This shows other players that you are willing to abide by the rules to minimize the amount of danger offered on the playing field.

Parlay – This term is used when a person becomes too close to their target and the target is fearful of endangerment. It is normally said by the target to prevent the aggressor from firing at close range. Paying close attention to what is called out or said by teammates and members of the opposing team will help avoid any confusion when focusing on a target.

Avoid Headshots – Most team regulations will have something about headshots, when to take them and when to avoid them. It’s ideal to avoid the headshots even though being a sniper is a large appeal to the game, some headshots could cause trauma, loss of sight, and even permanent damage to the ear canal if the BB lodges itself in the right area.

Shoot Center of Mass and Below – Some teams require you to call out when you hit or miss, and even though this may give away your position in the field, it’s for the safety of the team. When shooting it is common courtesy to shoot below or at center mass. This does not include shoulders, arms, neck, or head.

Know When to Switch – Knowing when to switch from a fully automatic to semi automatic is very important. If you are within close range of another individual it is best to switch your weapon to semi-automatic so to limit the amount of rounds this person will endure.

All of these rules should be followed without any issues. It is common courtesy to show respect to other team mates and those on the opposing team while playing. Keep in mind that while playing in the Airsoft field that everyone is there for fun and entertainment.

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