Airsoft Gun Safety

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Playing airsoft can be fun, but it can also be dangerous if you do not follow simple safety rules. You might have purchased your gun or are thinking of purchasing your gun through a place that provides wholesale airsoft guns. This is fine, but you should also pick up the additional protective gear that you will need to play safely.

The Protective Gear

With the right protective gear, you are able to protect yourself from any plastic bb's that might come your way. The gear does not have to be worn if you are shooting at a target, but during game play at a course, or whenever you are shooting at people or being shot at, you are going to want to ensure that you are fully protected.

• Eye and Face Protection – A lot of times using a full-face mask is the best. This protects every inch of your face, as well as your eyes.
• Gloves – Using gloves protects your hands during game play, this can be a good thing to also have on if it is cold and allows you to shoot with more accuracy.
• Hat – Wearing a hat is good to protect your head. A hard or thick one is best to block the blow of the bb’s.
• Boots – Boots provide protection for your feet. They are able to block out the plastic bb's while also giving you something stable and comfortable to wear while on the field.
• Knee and Elbow Pads – These protect the vital areas and help you if you want to crawl on the ground during a game.
• Thick Clothing – This protects you from any blows that you might feel during game play. Plastic bb's hit hard and can go right through thin clothing so being padded is a great choice.

Basic Safety Rules

Adhere to these important safety rules to ensure that you are playing safely whether you are target shooting or playing out on the field. Following these instructions allows you to have fun and not be harmed or seriously harm someone else.

• Do not point the gun at anything that you are not intending to shoot.
• Always treat the gun as if it were loaded, even if it is not. Treat it with care.
• Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot. You do not want to accidentally shoot anything or anyone that is not intended.
• Be sure of the target that you have and know what is behind them. This is to ensure that you do not accidentally miss the target and hit something or someone else.

Once you have purchased your guns through a wholesale airsoft guns company, you are set to go. Just make sure that you keep the protective gear on at all times while playing the game with friends. This is a big thing since you do not want any serious injuries to arise during game play.


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